Huna – Healing Hawaiian Style

The Huna system of mind, body integration and healing is one of the most complete systems on the planet and has correspondences with most other systems such as Native American, Aboriginal, Celtic, Egyptian, Reiki etc


The body of information we call Huna was not openly discussed and never written down as such. It was passed on through an unbroken lineage stretching back thousands of years, some say form before Atlantis and lemuria. I am proud to be an initiate and to be able to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of my teachers and mentors including George Lanakilakeikiahiali’I Naope, Kahuna Po’o O ka Hula, Etua Lopes, Kumu Hula Kona Hawaii, The late John Ka’imikaua, Kumu Hula, Molokai.


When the missionaries arrived in Hawaii in 1820 they did not understand the Hawaiian ways and banned the teachings. It was only in 1989 that the USA made it legal once again to teach them. The ancient teachings were preserved within chants using the ambiguity of the Hawaiian language to “hide them”.


Huna was once known as “Ho’omana” which means to make life force energy or increase personal power. To the Hawaiians being relaxed, calm (Malie) centered and balanced is very important. Huna allows us to tap into our inner resources at the deepest level, working with the understanding that we have 3 minds and 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ) as an integrated whole. The 3 minds are the unhipili or unconscious mind, the uhane or conscious mind and Aumakua or Higher self. The most direct healing of mind, body, circumstance and achievement of personal fulfillment comes through consciously involving the aumakua into our daily life and in our thoughts in an open, trusting and loving manner.


The principles of Huna are deceptively simple: if something increases your life force energy (Mana) then do more of it; if something decreases your Mana do less of it. In modern life we can have a tendency to make life too complex or put so many things into our day that we don’t have time to connect with our self and end up feeling less than positive about ourselves and our lives

Another principle is “first Noa then Noho” this means we must first cleanse ourselves of past negatives etc and then bring in the energy or light.

The practice of Aloha is very important allowing us to grow in our own energy and thus empower others. Living with Aloha includes the experience and sharing of unconditional love and joy, being of the light, working with the unity of 3 minds and 4 bodies, being truthful with yourself and others.


Huna shamanic healing (not massage) incorporates working with the elements (air, water, fire, earth), energy healing, breathing, chanting, release of old beliefs and blockages, clearing of “Aka cords” or energy connections and the manifestation of our desired future.


Written By Carolyn Gosling

Published in White Light Magazine September 2007

Copyright © 2007 Australian Hypnosis


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