Client Testimonials.


“Hypnotherapy to Reduce Alcohol Consumption”

Dear Carolyn,

Things are going very well. No booze at all since last Friday (8 days) and even after our first session didn’t feel like it at all. Have lost 4kgs!

JW Gold Coast (Client, July 2012)


“Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight”

Dear Carolyn,

I lost 4 kgs in 4 weeks, it was easy. definitely do it, you’ve got nothing to lose but the weight.

Kristy Southport (Client, November 2013)


Dear Carolyn,

I would like to thank you for getting me on the path to recovery when I saw you in February. I have just returned home from the dentist, having had 4 fillings in the one sitting and everything went swimmingly.


I wanted to thank you for starting me on the road to recovery. I can now get on with living without those fears and anxieties hanging over me.

AK Roma (Client, July 2008)


“When it was first suggested that I would be going to China I instantly dismissed the idea; my defiant reply was “I don’t fly in aeroplanes so I’m not going”.


Even though I was given 12 months notice I was still convinced that I would not be going. My fear of flying, which is more a fear of the confined spaces in the plane and having no escape route, not so much a fear of plane crashes or take off or landings as may be the case with others. When it was about 5 weeks before the day I was supposed to be flying, I decided that I didn’t really have a choice as everything was arranged and pre booked, I would now be going. It was then that I realised that I should go and seek help as I didn’t think I was going to be able to convince myself not to panic when I was going to board the plane.


This is when I met Carolyn Gosling from Absolute Awareness. My first appointment was rather emotional and Carolyn first introduced me to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The experience made me feel as though I had cleared my mind of many things that had troubled me since I was young, even though, I hadn’t previously, consciously, connected the events to my current behaviour. The concept seemed simple enough but I had my doubts as to whether or not it would be successful and was still slightly fearful that I would be boarding the aeroplane fighting and screaming or I would force the plane to turn around mid flight because I had had a panic attack and was trying to open a door.

My next two appointments were a mixture of NLP and Hypnosis. I find hypnosis very relaxing and I have experienced it previously, however combining it with the NLP, which I have not previously experienced, seemed very comfortable. After my sessions I felt much better but I still wasn’t entirely convinced that I would not react badly to the plane flight. My conscious mind wasn’t yet as accepting as my sub-conscious had been. However, on the day I had to catch my first plane for China (there were 4 of them and it took 24 hours to get there) I was calm and able to simple walk onto the plane without as much as a hesitant footstep.

When the doors closed there was still no reaction and all the subsequent flights were the same. It was a strange feeling not knowing, consciously that I would be OK, I still felt like something may go wrong yet I wasn’t panicked about these thoughts it was more like the sceptic side of me trying to debunk the theory of NLP and Hypnosis verses the sub-conscious that was willing and able to accept it. I have been most grateful for my sessions with Carolyn and would not hesitate to return to her should a future need arise.”

Barbara Battrick Happy client


Dear Carolyn,

“Hi Carolyn, Just a quick note to thank you sincerely for everything you have done for M. I’m pleased to report that she seems to be on the mend. I think she has released those negative emotions of the past and now is moving on with life. She appears to be less stressed and the majority of tension has disappeared. Thanks once again for all your care & concern and most of all for just being there for M. We both really appreciate your sincere and professional approach and genuine concern. So from the bottom of my heart, I extend my deep gratitude. Thanks again!

TV (Client)


Course Testimonials.


Fantastic, Today I reset my senses!

Souxsie Gold Coast (Self Hypnosis Workshop)


Excellent! Overall clarity, reassurance that I am in charge of my life, reminder to take “don’t” out of my vocabulary because of the impact it can have on my life.

Desiree Gold Coast (Self Hypnosis Workshop, December 2013)


Very well structured, we got all the info in a workbook, the whole seminar was also nicely presented on a laptop. Thank you Carolyn I enjoyed myself immensly.

Bessy Gold Coast (Self Hypnosis Workshop, January 2014)


Our minds are amazing! Carolyn is so knowledgable and has a wonderful way of explaining and sharing information.

Christine Gold Coast (Self Hypnosis Workshop, January 2014)


I recently participated in an NLP training course run by Carolyn Gosling. During this course I found Carolyn to be totally professional, understanding and supportive. I found Carolyn’s teaching style to be especially conducive to effective learning particularly considering that I have not done any formal study for such a long time.

LW Gold Coast (NLP Prac Training)


“Very thorough and enjoyable”

AI Gold Coast (Hypnotherapy Prac)


“Having done the NLP, I found this to be a “must have”. The small group makes it more personal and produces a warm environment.”

KP Gold Coast (Hypnotherapy Prac April 2008)


“Working alongside Carolyn in the NLP trainings, I observed a trainer who can quickly gain rapport with each individual yet still remain a leader and coach to the group. In her training practice, she provides a positive atmosphere for the learning and development of skills. She has demonstrated her flexibility and preparedness in approaching each students needs and questions. Indeed the highest complement I can pay Carolyn is that, through my interaction with her, I have also chosen to pursue a career in NLP. In this sense, Carolyn has acted as both a mentor and teacher in showing me how NLP can change your life significantly.”

DM Gold Coast (NLP Prac Training)


“I wanted to write to you and let you know how much I appreciated your follow-up support after I completed your Time Line Therapy ™Training in 2004.

The training and support I received from you was exceptional. In comparison with other courses I have completed, yours would be the most ethical and supportive. You are an exceptional trainer and practitioner.”

JB Sunshine Coast (NLP Prac Training)


“I completed Carolyn’s Neuro-Linguisitic Programming and Time Line course and found her to be an extremely competent and dedicated teacher.

I was impressed with the course and the professional manner in which it was conducted, I was very impressed with the focus on ethical conduct which I consider to be vitally important.”

NM Gold Coast (NLP Prac Training)


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