Huna – The Teachings of Aloha

The Ancient Hawaiian teachings of Huna are about using the power of the mind to create your own reality. Huna was once known as “Ho’omana” which means to make life force energy or increase personal power.

You may be familiar with the word ALOHA which is used as a greeting to mean hello, goodbye or love. ALOHA also has a much deeper meaning which embodies a way of life, a way of being with yourself and others.

The letters represent the following:

A = AO



H = HA’A


A = AO – this means enlightenment or moving towards the light. ALO means light or life energy. We all have the light inside us, however negative thoughts/emotions block the flow of light (energy). We need to clear these in order to move forward on our path to enlightenment. We should also ask ourselves if we are living in a way that leads others and ourselves in the direction of the light or away from it.

L = LOKAHI – this means oneness, to unite or come together.

This can be explored in the context of coming together with others – do you see yourself as separate from others or as part of the collective oneness? (this includes being connected with our environment, animals, the elements) We can also consider Lokahi from the aspect of oneself – are we congruent (united) in our words, thoughts and actions or do we have internal conflict.

O = OIAIO – this means truth, truthfulness, honesty.

This is about being true to yourself. You cannot be honest with others if you are not honest with yourself. Sometimes we hold back from telling each other the truth which means that we are not participating fully in the process of constructing our Universe. When we don’t have total truth we are not able to be at one with someone else. How can we expect honesty from others if we are not honest with them?

H = HA’A – this means to be humble or to have humility.

HA’A is a very important concept in being aware, in realizing it’s ok to be yourself, as you are, with no pretences. Ego is a major hurdle to overcome in spiritual evolution: if you play the game of power you’ll always have to know more than others, If you play the game of showing off, you’ll always have to have more than others to show off with. Being humble means sharing with others, the more you share, the more comes back to you, and the flow of energy is increased. Being humble means that it’s ok for others to express themselves, to grow and to become empowered too.


ALOHA is absolute true love.

If you think you’re better than somebody else, you make comparisons, judgments or spiritual judgments then you separate yourself from the true Love. Practice being grateful for everything and everyone around you, love and appreciate them for their own unique qualities.

AHO NIU is patient perseverance.

Accept who you are and move forward with patient perseverance taking action to get to or stay on your path.

Living life with aloha empowers us to attain health, happiness and success.

Huna shamanic healing incorporates working with elements, energy healing, breathwork, chanting, releasing of old patterns, negative emotions and blockages, clearing of “Aka cords” or energy connections and the manifestation of our desired future.

Written By Carolyn Gosling

Published in White Light Magazine February 2007

Copyright © 2007 Australian Hypnosis


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