Huna – The Way to A Better Relationship with Yourself and Others

The Ancient Hawaiian teachings of Huna are about using the power of the mind to create your own reality. Huna was once known as “Ho’omana” which means to make life force energy or increase personal power.


Huna allows us to tap into our inner resources at the deepest level, working with the understanding that we have 3 minds and 4 bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) as an integrated whole. The 3 minds are the Unhipili or Unconscious mind, the Uhane or Conscious mind and the Aumakua or Higher self.


Huna teaches us how to increase our energy (Mana) and restore balance and connection between our unconscious mind, conscious mind, and higher self. Our higher self is involved in our spiritual growth and working with guides, angels etc. Our conscious mind provides us with logic and reason and our unconscious mind contributes to the physical running of the body, our feelings, mana and of course love.


When we learn to work with and balance the connection between the minds we also achieve balance and harmony between the material and spiritual worlds. Many people mistakenly believe they have to give up one to have the other.


Consider how society would change if everyone worked to release their negative patterns at the unconscious level. There would be a reduction in anger and violence against others. People would practice forgiveness of self and others and be healthier in their physical bodies.


The ancient Hawaiians knew they were connected to their higher conscious self and the spirit world of their ancestors. They also knew that our thoughts create our world. One Hawaiian proverb states: “He hale ke kino no ka mana’o” – “the body is a house for the thoughts”. This relates to our unmanifest thoughts becoming our manifest body. The Hawaiians understood the connection between mind and body, and Illness was regarded as a product of our thoughts. By changing our thoughts and clearing up destructive negative thinking, illness can be changed.


Our most destructive negative thinking often relates to relationships with family or others around us and Hawaiians regularly practiced an exercise called “Ho’oponopono” (To make right) to align their thoughts, clear energy connections between themselves and others and enable forgiveness. In doing this we begin to see others and ourselves for who we truly are. As new cells are produced in the body, they no longer harbour the negative destructive energies. Over the past few years I have witnessed amazing changes in clients suffering physical symptoms from debilitating dis-eases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel etc once they have cleared up their unconscious “baggage” and practiced this simple yet empowering technique regularly.


Huna shamanic healing incorporates working with elements, energy healing, breathwork, chanting, releasing of old patterns, negative emotions and blockages, clearing of “Aka cords” or energy connections and the manifestation of our desired future.


Written By Carolyn Gosling

Published in White Light Magazine January 2007

Copyright © 2007 Australian Hypnosis


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