Huna – Having an Attitude of Gratitude

The Ancient Hawaiian teachings of Huna are about using the power of the mind to create your own reality. Huna was once known as “Ho’omana” which means to make life force energy or increase personal power.

Recently the concept of having an attitude of gratitude has become popular. In fact this is nothing new, the ancient Hawaiians believed in connecting to their surroundings and the elements around them, the water, the land, trees, rocks, the wind, the sun and they gave thanks for everything in their world. When things go well its easy to be grateful, however are we motivated to be grateful in times that are less easy? It is important to realize that there is no failure in life; our mistakes are purely feedback which allows us to take the learning from the event and recognize we can do things differently next time around.

By giving thanks for what we have and thanks for what we want in our life we are allowing the energy of those things to flow towards us and opening ourselves to receiving them. Huna shamanic healing is geared to help you move forward from the beliefs or negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in a place that is less than satisfying. The Hawaiians believed that we are all perfect as we are, many of us have simply not noticed that yet as we allow ourselves to focus on what we are lacking or what we can’t do in life rather than focusing on what it is that we want and uncovering/accepting who we truly are.

Over the years I have worked with many clients suffering from depression or anxiety, the common thread is focusing on what they don’t want, or haven’t got and in the case of anxiety we are focusing on the negative possibilities of something that hasn’t even happened yet. (and we all tend to do this at times in our life). Simply changing our thoughts will make us feel better but will not resolve the underlying limiting beliefs we hold which are linking into those thoughts. To resolve these beliefs we need to connect with our unconscious mind and our higher self and allow the process of release to take place. Often as little as 3 sessions are required to empower you to move past limitations and begin constructing the future you desire.

Written By Carolyn Gosling

Published in White Light Magazine May 2007

Copyright © 2007 Australian Hypnosis


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